Sunday, July 23, 2017

What Goes Around: Fewer U.S. Community Hospitals Can Properly Care For Children


I offered commentary on this story on my (private) Facebook page a day or so ago. Sharing my opinions with friends has been relatively safe and comfortable, but now I am compelled to come out of the shell I've been in since leaving the Greensboro blogosphere in 2013.

That would be the same blogosphere where I was routinely maligned/insulted/ridiculed and ultimately cyber-stalked by politically-motivated progressive know-it-alls (led by Edward Cone of the Moses Cone Healthcare Cones) . . . all because (back in the days of "Hillary's Village") this home-grown medical whistle-blower had the courage to fight back against the mill-town goons running Randolph Hospital (ultimately into Cone's waiting arms) . . . and to tell the truth about what Steven Eblin and Robert Morrison did to a "dime-a-dozen" Pediatrician in state and Federal service.

Under the cover of Randolph's non-profiteering status, I was run out of my own hometown on a rail . . . SLAPP-sued (unsuccessfully) for telling the truth to the governments I served (when they ASKED) . . . swindled at settlement (in my favor) by hospital executives who lied as easily as they breathed - who were, in turn, shielded by local journalists and lawyers and judges who could not be bothered with either the letter or the intent of the law.

The boiling/simmering medical-mess-for-children that we now have in many communities is the future that Edward Cone and his blogging-bullies helped make . . . by doing everything they could to bury one Pediatrician's horror story and make her "just go away".

My story did not serve their political/social goals.  It certainly laid waste to the notion that either Clinton actually CARED about those who advocated/labored-in-the-trenches for children.

What these cyber-bullies-disguised-as-citizen-journalists-safely-tucked-behind-their-keyboards did was NOT "for the children" . . . and now we have the evidence right in front of us to prove it.  I hope Edward is proud of himself.  I hope that chair in the Cone boardroom is very warm.

Oh by the way, you CANNOT blame this on Trump.  It's a mess decades in the making.  And Obamacare . . . a giant steaming pile of fiscally-unsustainable-horse-manure styled as healthcare "reform" . . . did not fix ANY of it!

Here's what I said on Facebook:

"This is happening because for the last twenty years or so, community hospital executives have almost UNIVERSALLY treated Pediatricians LIKE SH*T under their well-heeled shoes . . . devaluing their experience, and skills and training and services and very lives to nth degree - not wanting to pay for something they once got "for free" (by virtue of a physician having hospital "privileges").

For me it started in my HOMETOWN of Asheboro . . . when, as a young physician in Federal service, I was fired for standing up to Steve Eblin and Robert Morrision's threats - in order to save a newborn baby's life . . . and it's not really gotten any better.

Let me say that again (for so-called "journalists" like the smug, uptight, know-it-all Edward Cone-of-the-Moses-Cone-Healthcare Cones). I WAS FIRED FOR SAVING A BABY'S LIFE. 

Wrap your head around that please - and try to understand what it did to mine.

As a physician, you NEVER just "get over" something like that.

If the world worked the way it's supposed to work, NO ONE would have EVER dared say that to me.

The overpaid, over-rated non-profiteering MBA's running these small hospitals think they can do anything they like to Pediatricians - especially women - and get away with it . . . mostly because for years, they have. If we talk/fight back, we're "disruptive". Our time and expertise mean NOTHING to these (mostly-clueless) pencil-pushers. The risks of providing Pediatric coverage (especially on LDRP units where OB's - even dangerous ones - get anything they want) have become riskier and the rewards few - and THAT is why so many community Pediatricians have told hospitals to GO BLOW.

The mainstream press has IGNORED the problem. They didn't want to talk about what happened in Asheboro years ago - in the days of HILLARY'S VILLAGE (the Courier had to BURY the story) - and they STILL don't. It might reflect badly on some businessman Board-member's "progressive" leadership.

"The suits" have to have cover. And the "dime-a-dozen" doctors need to know their place amongst the corporate wolves.

Our systems of oversight are utterly broken. And our CHILDREN are paying for it."

Now, read this again.

Then, re-read the side-bar . . . which serves as a monument to years of VICIOUS online abuse (now archived) - courtesy of political progressives who could not hear anything but the sound of their own voices.

If you dared state a remotely conservative opinion (God-forbid that it be faith-based), the personal insults and slurs could be expected within three . . . two . . . one comment(s) - for all the world to see.  It was like the high-school "cool kids" piling on the hollow-eyed-kid-sitting-in-the-back-of-the-bus-already-beaten-to-a-pulp-at home.

KNOW why my heart is broken.  KNOW why (no matter where I go or what I do - because I DID "move on") the wound never heals.  KNOW why I weep for both myself and the children I've spent my life serving - oftentimes in places where people like Edward Cone and his high-minded ilk would not set foot.

ALL I ever wanted to do was come home and be a good Pediatrician - and maybe keep an innocent child from being medically-butchered (as I had been at Randolph) - a whole nuther story once told on this blog.

But in North Carolina, that is apparently a crime.